Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ride Em Cowboy!

So, after a week, I guess I should've written about this sooner. Doesn't take anything away from it though.

My girl's b'day was last week and we went out for sushi. It was all good until I ordered the wrong rolls (two of the wrong ones at that!) and had to beg the manager to take one of them off. So that was the only event that could've tipped the scales, but it didn't.

So she wanted to cross some thing off of her list of "things to do in a lifetime" so we went to Bourbon Cowboy (on Bourbon of course!) to ride the mechanical bull. Oooooooohhh!

I must say, it was quite an adventure. Of course birthday girl went up first. It looked boring to me. Nothing like what you see on t.v. Liability I guess. *shrug*

So, my turn is next and I try to keep cool, because after all, it didn't look that hard! And it really wasn't. I had fun.

I did fall off after raising one of my arms to look cool, and attempt to prove that it wasn't that hard. This is why I take the less dominant approach. *Oops, did I say that?*

It may be hard to believe that I could be that way for anyone who knows me. Those who really know me would say I'm like a bagel; hard and crisp on the outside, and warm & delightful inside!

What an unexpected surprise, like me riding a mechanical bull!!!

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BLESSD1 said...

Uh...No. 1: The post should be called "Ride Em Cowgirl!" You are NOT a cowboy (thank the lawd).

No. 2: I'm proud of my sissy-n-law. Now let's try to convince your sister to try something cool every once in a while ;-)