Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Christian and an Atheist walk into a bar....

I recently ran into an old classmate and we decided to keep in contact with each other. We realized that we have a lot of spiritual connections, but the driving force behind them are different. I was raised as a Christian and currently practice an Un-Orthodox faith system, but he practices Atheism.

The crazy part is that he understands and respects organized religion, and even feels that the gods of other religions are real to those who believe.

We have a few issues to overcome, and deal with throughout the course of getting to know one another.

He is white. I'm black. (Simple)
He's Atheist. I'm "Christian". (Complex)

I can get over the skin color and the differences in our coming up, I don't think I can get over him not believing in a God. Any God at all.

You find somebody "perfect" and they still ain't perfect. But neither am I!

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