Wednesday, October 29, 2008

For the LOVE or MONEY????

I recently had a discussion with a friend who is debating going back to college, or the reasons for going back , and of course we weighed the pro's & con's.

While I was in undergrad, I heard from a few people (who didn't attend college) that it was a waste of time and that they will be making more money than me because they were already in the work force. Which, I could see why they would feel that way. But, the purpose of education, I think, is not to make money, necessarily; but to become somewhat of an expert and to increase your earning potential.

I have a friend who's mother practiced as an RN for years, but lost her job a few years back and could not find another position of equal caliber, because she had no formal training, even though she had the experience of over 20 years! Companies today want people with degrees.

I kind of felt bad because for years after I graduated because I didn't work a job related to my field, or a job worthy of someone who went to school for four years. Hmm... Let's see. I was a manager at Wendy's, a CSM at Walmart, a stocker at Kirkland's, a server at Pappadeaux's, A front desk clerk at Hyatt...
Anyway, I sat back and watched people who never even attempted to go to college, probably had a hard time getting out of high school, work their way up to more money than me.

So now, come to find out, I have a friend, who makes considerably more money than I do, but she has some college to boast, and I assume, is wondering what the point is now that she has experience and makes a nice living. I would love to see her finish school, if for no other reason than that's what she wants to do. Point blank. I understand her position though. And to cite my other friend's mother's case, there may come a time when she may be denied a position based on her level of documented (diploma) education. Who knows?

It was kind of depressing to know that I put forth 4 years of tedious learning, not to mention "squatting", "bumming", "hustling", and journeying across parishes via public transporation to make a great deal of money less than others...

Then I realized that I could be making that kind of money, if I had chosen the 1st job that I interviewed for. It was related more closely to my field of Business & focused on customer service, as opposed to the job that I accepted, which is in Education (we all know that educators are underpaid!). But I made the decision that best fit my personality and desire to do good & make a solid impact on a young person's life.

So all in all, I guess it was my decision and opportunity, and I chose Love for people over Love for money.

I don't have any regrets. I do want to make more money though!

*NOTE: If you want to go to college, DO IT!!! And keep working & making money too!


BLESSD1 said...

Shucks know that it wasn't until a LLLLOOOOONNNNGGGG time had passed that I began to work in my field. Honestly, I'm not even now really in my field. But the optimist in me leads me to believe that those other jobs helped in preparing me for what I'm doing now, and taught me how to appreciate it. Heck, I may even go back to school now, partially on my current job's buck :-)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

just wanna say BOOOO

i scared u huh admit it lol

will u be ther in the am?